HOOMAN DEJ-SAZAN MEHRAZ Complex (Hooman Villa) under the management of Mr. Kamal Muradlou and Mr. Ibrahim Muradlou in 2012 with the aim of industrializing the building with the original idea of moving the building with the ability to be transported and relocated as the only company that manufactures standard mobile(movable) prefabricated buildings (according to the regulations of the national building regulations and engineering system standards) started operating in Iran and during the last few years with study and research and continuous efforts to improve the quality and design in various executive models in addition to job creation and entrepreneurship and preparation The export team of this product has been able to design and implement more than 250 prefabricated and non-prefab) prefabricated villa( building projects, achieving many successes in the new method of construction in sync with the leading countries in this industry.​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Other services of the collection include providing 3D designs, villa and building renovation, design and execution of the area, construction of swimming pool, and movable roof (rail).

prefabricated villa​​​​​​​

Zero to hundred villa construction project design in Iran

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Prefab villa with Hooman Villa​​​​​​​

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Plan and architecture​​​​​​​

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Structure design​​​​​​​

Hooman Villa

The largest producer of prefabricated villas in Iran

?What is a prefabricated villa
There are buildings whose parts are made outside the project site, in the factory in dimensions that can be transported and quickly installed in the project site on the infrastructure and foundation that has been prepared in advance.
The beginning of the construction of prefabricated buildings has a history of more than a hundred years in the world.
In the United States between 1902 and 1910, several companies began selling prefabricated building components. In Britain between 1945 and 1949 more than 156,000 prefabricated houses were produced. In Germany, until 1948, more than 5,000 prefabricated villas were built for members of the American army, and their persistence in the market and their increasing acceptance indicate that the future of construction is moving towards being prefabricated and factory. As today, in many American and European countries, structures are prepared in a prefabricated form and are built for industrial, recreational, tourism, residential, etc. uses.
The type of structure of prefabricated buildings of Hooman Villa is iron metal frame (BOX or IPE type) as the only structure with the ability to be moved, without causing deformation or deformation as a standard with the ability to obtain the approval of the building engineering system. It is used in three ways: welding, screwing or combined connection in the building.​​​​​​

?Why a prefabricated villa
The ability to obtain all standards of the building engineering system, including topic 10 (structural strength) and topic 19 (insulation)
No damage to the project environment due to construction in the workshop and one-day installation (no long movement of executive forces, machines and materials)
No need to equip the construction workshop (long supply of water and electricity, security, etc.)
Loss of capital in case of demolition (non-prefabricated buildings)
The possibility of installing or increasing floors on a traditional building
High construction and installation speed (installation in one day)
Employers not having enough time and expertise to build
Problems of providing specialized executive forces
Uncertainty about the quality and matching of design and implementation
Return on investment and profitability due to rapid manufacturing and sales
The possibility of increasing the square footage on the level or floors at any time after installation
The possibility of moving anywhere and easily collecting and selling the villa without land at any time
Run with the desired design
​​​​​​​Ability to send to all parts of the country
It has a warranty and after-sales service for 36 months
The ability to provide a valid quality assurance insurance policy from our insurance (Mellat)
Completely anti-earthquake and no casualties during an earthquake due to the absence of heavy debris
The possibility of installation on the chassis and optimal use of the created space under the chassis

Swimming pool designing

The type of structure of the prefabricated buildings of Hooman Villa
The iron metal frame (BOX or IPE type) is the only structure with the ability to move(transport), without causing deformation or deformation as a standard with the ability to obtain the approval of the building engineering system, which can be welded, screwed or combined in three ways in the building. is used
Other advantages of this type of structure include the following
No restrictions on design and construction dimensions
Can be used in all climates
High resistance to corrosion and fire
Long life and high strength prefabricated villa​​​​​​​

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