Hooman Dej-Sazan Mehraz Company)complex) (Hooman Villa) under the management of Mr. Kamal Muradlou and Mr. Ibrahim Muradlou in 2014 with the aim of industrialization of the building with the original idea of moving the building with the ability to be transported and moved as the only company that manufactures standard prefabricated buildings (in accordance with the regulations of the national building regulations and the standards of the engineering system) started operating in Iran, and during the last few years, with study and research and continuous efforts to improve the quality and design in various executive models, in addition to job creation and entrepreneurship, and ready The export team of this product has been able to design and implement more than 250 prefabricated and non-prefab building projects, achieving many successes in the new construction method in sync with the leading countries in this industry.​​​​​​
Other services of the collection include providing 3D plans, villa and building renovation, design and implementation of the landscape, construction of swimming pool, and movable roof (rail).​​​​​​​

We wish you peace​​​​​​​